When it comes to National Debt, it is our debt. The elite have long changed the name to National Debt. No matter what they name it, plain and simple it is the people's debt. We The People are responsible for repayment.
At $18.1 trillion every man woman and child from newborn to elderly owes $54,000 in public debt. If every person and business from the smallest to the largest. Worked for 1 year and paid in all of our earnings. We would still be trillions of dollars short.
If elected I will use unrelenting pressure on officials from both sides of the aisle to get it together and fix this problem.
Second Amendment
The Second Amendment is fundamental to our civil liberties. It acts as the greatest equalizer known to man. A small, seemingly defenseless woman. Has the ability to defend herself from the most powerful of men. Limiting the right to defend ourselves only emboldens those who would do us harm. It is our right to choose the weapons most suitable for  individual defense and to keep them available should the need arise. The government should never be allowed to make a choice that is clearly the right of the people.
If elected I will work to roll back unconstitutional restrictions and block future attempts on our fundamental right to defense.
Our veterans are the defenders of freedom. They have fought bravely to free us from a tyrant. The hundreds of thousands of lives lost, to forever break the chains of slavery. Their courage on the beaches of Normandy to end the horrible siege on humanity.  These sacrifices endured by the few who volunteer their lives and carry the burden of war throughout their days.
Our heroes can no longer go unnoticed or unappreciated. For far too long we have seen a nation abuse our finest men and women. Its time to drop the Vietnam era policies. It is time to show our heroes we appreciate them. It is time to do whats right and take a stand for those who cannot.
Government Transparency
Our Government has the duty to be transparent in everything it does. We all understand some secrecy is required when it comes to matters of national security. But, in matters that will affect the people or how we conduct our everyday lives. An open and honest government is only appropiate.
If elected I will ensure that the people have a voice. Not only at the voting booth, but with every piece of legislation.
Government Accountability
Cover-ups and scandals are the norm in Washington D.C. It is only right to reform the old and adopt simple mechanisms for the people to be able to hold our officials accountable. As we have seen with email scandals, IRS cover-ups secret servers, and illegal executive orders. The lack of accountability among the political elite and government employees is appalling.
Once elected I will push to level the playing field, fight cronyism, rampant corruption and demand accountability for those who violate the law.
Bureaucrats in our country have grown out of control. Every year they impose mountains of new regulations. The weight of these regulations often times stiffle small businesses and burden families. The same people that politicians and regulators are promising to protect. As a rule, if there is something to regulate the federal regulators will. Most of which should be left to the states.
In congress, I will fight the regulators and big government politicians. We need less government and more freedom.
State's Rights
Each State in our great nation has its particular challenges. That is what makes our nation so diverse and intriguing. From the landscapes to the people who inhabit them, each one is unique. Governments closest to their people are the most effective and accountable.
I will do everything possible to return the power Washington has stolen, back to the states where it belongs. 
Smaller Government
Reducing the size of the government, will ultimately reduce spending. More than a few of the federal roles in governing our country can be more effectively handled on the state level. Congress needs to take a serious look at redundant programs and wasteful agencies. Make cuts where they are due and stop trying to attack retirement benefits. Every time we hear of a budget battle the first thing that comes up is retirement.  Washington politicians are more inclined to grandstand than to work at fixing the problem at hand.
As your representative, I will work to take a serious look at ways to reduce the role of the federal government and will flatly obstruct any attempt to grow it.
Taxes are always burdensome and completely confusing to the average American. As the tax code grows more complicated, we are forced to rely on not only costly tax professionals but an army of IRS agents. Complicated tax code creates waste and forces spending not only by We The People but the government as well.
I will challenge both sides of the aisle to simplify the tax code and pass legislation to make taxes fair for every American. No matter how rich or poor.
Pick up the phone and try and get in touch with any of your elected officials in Washington. You will get the same old message, "I'll will let him/her know about your concerns..."
As a change of pace, if elected I will make myself available twice a week on the phone. I will hold a minimum of 18 townhalls every year at reasonable times for working people. I want to hear from everyone. I recognize that it is simply impossible to think of every viewpoint and opinion. Any decision made in Congress should be made with the confidence of the people I wish to represent.